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It doesn’t take long for your contacts to get out of hand. Whether its multiple entries, missing information, or problems keeping contacts synced with your smartphone, InlineContacts frees you to manage your contacts without leaving your email, saving you time and headache.

Google Contacts Inline

InlineContacts saves you time by extracting contact information from your emails and allowing you to manage or create new contacts from your email. Integration

Add opportunities, create new contacts, add tasks, update contact information, associate to accounts, partial word search for account names.


Emails from and sent to in the last 7 days. Emails from and sent to in the last 30 days. 5 most recent email threads with a link to view them.

What People Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our users do the talking!

“I always hated having to copy and paste from emails to update my contacts, or check to see if I had a contact already. This app solved that problem for me. I use it all the time.”

B. Jones

Keeping up with my contacts is no longer a hassle! Now that all my contact information is easily the proper place, my address book is a tool working for me and not an administrative burden.

J. Perks

Contacts Management within GMail is now simpler and faster using InlineContacts. I can manage my Contacts directly from within GMail without having to navigate elsewhere. The integration with is great where I get to seamlessly move Contacts between GMail and Also, with InlineContacts one has the capability to move email content from GMail to, thereby creating opportunities directly within associated to one’s Account (Contact). You also get to see some cool Analytics associated with your Contacts, all within GMail. This is all amazing stuff!

A. Kothari

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